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Today is a great day for us as a team, a day to CELEBRATE! Jesus Rueda CEO and Creator of Neuronaltrader was talking with us about the beginnings of this project and how it has evolved over the years, he also talked about the recent update and the new vision of Binarytools.

“Our purpose is and always will be to listen to our users, we listened to them before and we listen to them today and I can assure you that we will listen to them always.”

Jesus Rueda CEO and Founder of Neuronaltrader


About the beginning Jesus rueda said:

“To be honest at the beginning it all started in a small telegram group, in which people gave their suggestions.

They would tell me things like; Jesus it would be good if the Bot had this functionality, Jesus why don’t you implement this or that. That’s when I volunteered to be a programmer”.


“At that time as a programmer and trader I thought; If this is really going to improve performance and throughput, why not do it, and that’s how I started developing the tool.


Binarytools was always created thinking that we could benefit each other for free, something that has always been maintained since 2018 when everything started until today. Our purpose is and will always be to listen to our users, we listened to them before and we listen to them today and I can assure you that we will always listen to them.”

“The idea has always been that this tool would be free, for people like me who wanted to grow in trading, people like those first users of that telegram group where everything started, people who had all the desire, but did not have money to invest in paid platforms.

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Jesus tells us that the community is the main reason why this project continues to evolve and grow after 5 years.

“How can we improve, what features can we add to Binarytools, how can we improve the performance of the bot, these are questions we are always asking ourselves and there is the community contributing ideas, talking about tools they would like to have as traders”.


“As you can see in these new versions, now we have not only incorporated new features to the bot, but now we are also adding a graphic engine to complement these operations with new tools in the visual area that can be used as a filter to obtain the desired performance.

And now to close this 2023 with a flourish, the bot continues to evolve and becomes hybrid, which will allow us to support the bot in different situations or complement in some operations or opportunities that suddenly the bot, as it is programmed, will not take at a certain time, but that we as trader from our knowledge and experience can take an entry that may end successfully for us”.


After these 5 years we are preparing for many more years of new tools, new updates and more for you where binarytools.io will always be recognized for being an innovative pioneer platform that always takes into account its users, we are going for more to continue giving value to your assets

If you are not part of our community yet and want to know more about us, what are you waiting for? Join here!

Important: The information and/or knowledge expressed in this article shouldn’t be taken as investment recommendations or financial advice. All investments and/or actions involve a risk and each person is responsible for researching, educating and analyzing before making an investment decision.

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