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What’s new at binarytools

We’re excited to show you what’s new in the recent update of Binarytools from Neuronaltrader. In this article you will find the details of this new version.

Binarytools app

On this update the main objective was to optimize the workspace to provide a clean and comfortable space for the development of bots. Neuronaltrader also brings us the proposal of a new image, new colors and even new tools focused on providing more detailed information to users and developers when developing and running bots on the Binarytools platform.

New features

In this new version we find a new image. The primary color of the new color palette is turquoise blue. Now binarytools have 2 themes to customize our development panel “Dark” and “Light”. These are located in the bottom bar on the right side in the settings option.

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The Distribution now presented to us on the platform has 3 main options. Edition, operations and logs, which are located at the top center of the panel.

Edition Module

The edition module is to develop the bots and their functions and set the strategy. It adjusts the stake, stop loss, inserts indicators and the parameters that you want to attribute to the bot functions. This is where the developer works according to the bot he wants to build. This update provides a cleaner workspace, with room for development. The side menu bar can now be minimized to the side to give more space to the development panel.

Tools that were previously located at the top of the panel can now be displayed at the bottom right. They also have the option to minimize and maximize in order to free up space in the development panel. As well as providing the user with easy access to them and a more aesthetically friendly and orderly appearance.

Operations Module

Now there is a new module “Operations” where you can find the tools that were previously in the “editions” section such as; Summary table, history, worn, candlestick. New tools were also integrated in this module such as; Account, even/odd, digits, signal center and ads. All these tools were integrated to this module into order to provide as much information and tools to the trader when trading the bot.

Logs module

In this module we find the data of each action at the time of running the bot. This function or informative tool was in the previous version but it was in the edition module.

Play Button

Now to get our bot working, we have the play button in a new location. This is at the bottom center. The button is turquoise in “Play” mode and red in “Stop” mode.

Upcoming updates

At the launch of the update the creator and CEO of Neuronaltrader and binarytools Jesus Rueda gave the premise that he is working on new tools and/or options to more effectively manage the development of bots and money management, assuring that new updates will be coming.

Since its inception the binarytools platform has been a driving force for the Neuronaltrader community. So stay tuned, we will be informing you more about upcoming updates.

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