Risk Management

There are people who say those who invest have a good risk management. The knowledge make better decisions at the time to take action about their money, but there are also other investors who bet capital without measuring.

Because of this reason is very important to know more about how to have a good risk management, this is a important part of you trading that have to be clear and have parameters that you have to follow.

Come here and learn how to get a good risk management and know what it the best for your own process.

Our premise is; “If you are ready to grow and invest in your future, you will know what you are capable of” So what are you waiting for? Come and enjoy a good lecture in order to grow professionally in the area of trading.

11Invest is not gimbling
Could it be said that investing is with the brain and Gambling with the guts? It’s usually understood that who bets is more exposed to risk. This is the reason why we say that investing is not gambling, even so, there are bettors who work with statistics and probabilities. There are people who say those...
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