Jesús Rueda

CEO & Founder


Jesus Rueda was born in Venezuela and raised by his mother who guided and educated him with great principles and values. It was thanks to her that today we know NeuronaTrader since she was the first person to trust our CEO and give him his first computer.

His curiosity began when he was only 13 years old. Jesus Rueda discovered how computers worked, the programs and what the world of the internet was hiding. It was through the internet that our CEO learned how to repair PCs, understand how websites worked, detect errors and more.

Since he was very young Jesus wanted to earn his own income so he decided to undertake several projects that failed and made him feel defeated, so he decided to take a break and join the National Armed Forces of his country. Our CEO considers this stage of great importance for him as it helped him to reinforce his discipline and responsibility.

At the end of this stage of his life he continued his academic preparation. Today Jesus Rueda is a Computer Engineer, specialized in software development. He is the creator and founder of NeuronalTrader and BinaryTools.

With more than 8 years of experience in Financial Markets and thanks to his determination, perseverance and perseverance, he has managed to create applications that are now an essential part of his professional development.

For our CEO financial success is based on the premise “f you’re Ready to grow up and invest in your future, you’ll know what you are able to do”” but above all on honoring those who support you during the achievement of your goals.




Binary Tools Creation
NeuronalTrader Creation
Software Engineer
Entry to the Financial Markets

Thanks to the support of my mother, my loved wife and daughter, I have achieved goals that I thought I had lost. I thank God for what I am, for my beautiful family, for what I have and for what I will be able to achieve. I do my work with passion, always motivated and inspired by my family.


Creator & Founder of NeuronalTrader and BinaryTools

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